A little bit about our story:

For years, I have been hooked on the hobby of wet shaving and have been looking for an avenue to involve myself more in the community. Figuring that getting my face on YouTube and doing reviews was never for me, yet I was always searching for my niche. Along came the idea of combining not only my hobby of wet shaving, but also my wife’s passion of essential oils. We wondered if we had what it took to create a soap base, infused with quality essential oils, that we were proud of and would happily provide to family and friends.

So we set out researching a list of ingredients we felt were to be an important core of the soap base and started to create our original, vegan base. Considering that it was only a hobby at this point, myself and others (whom I pay homage to below) spent months testing various formulas and scents. We were able to get to a point where we are really proud of our efforts, the ‘high quality ingredient’ concept that we have stayed true to and the natural scents in our finished products. We sincerely hope you enjoy our products and rest assured that when you are using them, you can depend on the quality control that comes with our small-batch approach.

As mentioned above, we would like to give particular thanks to Cris Maden, who time and time again put his skin on the line to give us the brutal and honest feedback we required. Without it, I don’t believe we would have pushed ourselves as hard to deliver a product we are so proud of.